Drag Race: Kylie Sonique Love calls out ‘sh***y attitude’ of fellow All Stars 6 queen

Kylie Sonique Love wins All Stars 6.

The girls are fighting! Kinda. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 queen Trinity K. Bonet has responded after the season’s winner, Kylie Sonique Love, took aim at Trinity’s apparent “sh***y attitude”.

In a new episode of Bring Back My Girls, a Drag Race reunion series hosted by trans icon and Drag Race ru-turning judge TS Madison, Kylie Sonique Love was joined by her fellow All Stars 6 queens Ra’Jah O’Hara, Jiggly Calliente, Scarlet Envy, Jan and Pandora Box to spill the tea on the fan-favourite season.

TS Madison posed a fan question to the group, asking: “Was eliminating Trinity before the finale strategic?”

Trinity K Bonet made it into the final four on All Stars 6, before a twist saw eliminated queen Eureka! return and Trinity land in the bottom two in the episode before the finale. All the remaining queens had to vote on who they wanted to get the chop, and Trinity was ultimately sent home in fifth place. 

Trinity K. Bonet competes in Drag Race All Stars' 'Drag Tots Eleganza' maxi challenge
Trinity K Bonet. (Youtube / RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Responding immediately to Madison’s question, Kylie admitted: “It was easy for me.”

“It was easy, but it was not strategic,” Ra’Jah agreed.

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While Ra’Jah explained that she found it easy to eliminate Trinity because “she had the worst track record,” Kylie went for the jugular, adding: “… and she had a pretty sh***y attitude”.

After Eureka! returned to the competition and pushed Trinity out of the final four, the 32-year-old drag performer appeared to be a little downbeat over the situation. During the episode. Trinity was quiet, and when asked what was wrong, she essentially surmised that she would be eliminated next.

“That’s my sister, but she had a sh***y attitude, point blank period,” Kylie reiterated.

“I’m just gonna keep it real. I love her, I’m sure she’s great today, but on that day, bye.”

While Kylie made it clear that she still has love for her All Stars 6 sister, Trinity shared the clip from Bring Back My Girls on her Instagram page.

“Sisterhood at its finest,” she wrote sarcastically. “Wasn’t even invited to defend myself on this panel… but hey… I’m still a sensitive creature, and that’s OK!”

When a fan in the comments suggested that Trinity did have a bad attitude on the season, she responded: “So you have never been stressed out at work. You never wanted to be your best and only given so much time to do so?

“God forbid you show any passion… now you sh***y and weak. OK.

She continued in the comments, adding: “I don’t know any athletes who compete with a smile on their face.”