Mistress Isabelle Brooks wants this one thing banned from future Drag Race seasons

Mistress Isabelle Brooks at the RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 finale.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 star Mistress Isabelle Brooks has caused a social media storm after seemingly calling for contestants to be “banned” from reveals during lip-sync in the finale.

Over time, reveals have become a staple part of Drag Race DNA, from Roxxxy Andrews’ iconic wig reveal in season five to Violet Chachki’s two-in-one tartan look in season seven.

Season nine changed the game though, by introducing a lip-sync for the win format between the final four queens. Sasha Velour conducted the show’s most iconic reveal to date, the rose petals hidden under her wig, during her lip-sync against Shea Couleé, and ultimately won the crown.

In the years since, the final queens have arrived on stage ahead of their lip-syncs in outfits that have very clearly contained reveals – from Aquaria’s tinfoil eleganza at the season ten finale, to Brooke Lynn Heights finale gown in season 11 which literally had “reveal” printed all over it.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks, apparently, has had enough. In a post on X/Twitter, the season 15 finalist called for such reveals to be forbidden from finale lip-syncs completely.

The Texas queen reshared a video of her season 15 sisters Anetra and Sasha Colby lip-syncing for the crown, during which Sasha stripped from an oversized, velvet dress into a gorgeous, eggplant gown, and then again into bejewelled underwear.

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“This lip-sync is horrible but I’m not sure if y’all are ready for that conversation,” Mistress remarked.

“I would like to see reveals banned from finale lip syncs, it takes away from the whole point of the performance. LIP. SYNC.”

Mistress’s comment has sent the Drag Race fandom feral, with many taking her comments entirely at face value – despite the star being known for being constantly in her trolling era.

“Sasha’s reveals in this were effortless and changed lives. Love you Mistress but not this take on this lip-sync babes,” scalded one fan.

“A bad take… Sasha had a clean lip-sync through her reveals and the finale is the time to pull out every stop. Next,” wrote a second.

However, others could tell that Mistress had her tongue firmly in her cheek, with one commenting: “All the think pieces in the comments, girl it’s Mistress please be serious.”

“Y’all don’t realize Mistress is trolling, which just makes this exponentially more hilarious,” said a second.

After sending the fandom wild, Mistress joked that she actually had her own reveals planned had she made the final two on season 15.

She also released a thirty second apology voice note, quipping that she’s “bitter” and “had to say something about the lip-sync to make myself relevant”.

“I’m irrelevant! Please, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it, Sasha won. She ate, she ate,” Mistress declared in the mock apology.

Our congenial queen.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 airs on MTV and WOW Presents Plus on Friday 5 January.

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