CNN airs interracial gay kiss on New Year’s Eve, and bigots are losing their tiny minds

CNN aired a gay kiss on New Year's Eve to bring in 2024

CNN has riled up homophobic bigots after sharing a joyous gay kiss just seconds after the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve in New York City to bring in 2024.

In recent years, out gay TV presenters Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have grabbed some drinks and chaotically guided US viewers into the new year with their annual CNN show New Year’s Eve Live. This year saw the famous friends taking shots, interviewing the ghost of a Titanic victim, and falling into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

As the clock struck midnight, the thousands of people gathered in New York City’s Times Square turned to their loved ones to mark the auspicious moment with a kiss.

As cameras captured the scene, the first kiss from 2024 picked up CNN – alongside major channels such as ABC News and CBS – just happened to be shared by two men.

While LGBTQ+ people rejoiced at the meaningful moment of representation, right-wing homophobes used their first moments of the new year to send vitriolic hate on social media for being exposed to a short moment of queer joy.

One X/Twitter user labelled the kiss as a “psychological operation which was designed to intrude on Middle America”. Yes, really.

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Another admirably eloquent viewer branded the moment a “salacious, sickening, interracial gay tongue lashing session”.

Meanwhile, one even got into conspiracy theory territory as they tweeted that the gay kiss broadcast by CNN was “carefully scripted”.

Fortunately amidst the predictable outrage, there were also countless people celebrating the kiss and mocking the backlash.

“Never would have thought the first shot of the new year would be a beautiful queer kiss. THANK you for being bold!” one person posted.

The US wasn’t the only country to celebraate the LGBTQ+ community at midnight. In the UK, the general public were treated to a rainbow-themed, Spice Girls soundtracked firework display in London to celebrate 10 years of same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

After the UK’s midnight festivities, Rick Astley and Rylan Clark delivered an unforgettable cover of “Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” jam-packed with sexual tension.

Happy New Year!