Rylan and Rick Astley gag fans with BBC New Year’s Eve performance: ‘Giving me life’

Rick Astley (L) and Rylan Clark (R) took to the New Year's Eve stage

Rick Astley and Rylan Clark kicked 2024 off in the best way after the unexpected duo stormed the stage during BBC One’s Rick Astley Rocks New Year’s Eve concert.

The This Morning presenter and former X Factor star truly tapped into his musical roots last night, much to everyone’s delight.

After the clock struck midnight, Rylan made a surprise appearance by performing the iconic 1980s tune “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by pop band Dead or Alive, alongside the “Never Gonna Give You Up” hitmaker.

Rylan took to the stage in a black blazer, sparkly mesh top and skin tight black trousers before busting into song alongside Rick, who was dressed in a casual black suit.

The dynamic duo did not hold back as they dramatically belted their notes, caressed each other’s arms and stirred up a musical frenzy.

The performance – praised by LGBTQ+ viewers – comes just weeks after Rylan brought his chaotic camp energy to the BBC with a one-hour interview with the Goddess of Pop herself, Cher.

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After shaking up the new year celebrations, the 35-year-old TV personality took to X/Twitter to address excited fans with a hilarious post. “It can’t get worse than me singing you into the new year. 2024 is on the up from here. Happy new year x,” he wrote.

Despite Rylan’s self-deprecating humour, people were fully obsessed with the stunningly “camp” and beautifully “homoerotic” on-stage duet as they took to social media to share their thoughts.

“My 2024 has already been made; Rick Astley and Rylan Clark singing a camp rendition of Right Round by Dead or Alive,” one person wrote.

“Rylan Clark and Rick Astley what a way to see in 2024 they did it for the lgbts,” another added.

“Didn’t think I’d start the new year watching Rylan and Rick Astley homoerotically flirt while singing you spin me round,” a third echoed.

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