Tory peer Shaun Bailey condemned for ‘bums and boobs’ Carol Vorderman insult

Former London mayoral contender and Conservative peer Shaun Bailey has been condemned for a misogynistic comment about Carol Vordeman he made on GB News. 

Vorderman, who is well-known for her fiery criticism of the Tories, has criticised Bailey for comments he made about her during a GB News broadcast, where he brought into question her credibility as a political commentator. 

“Look, on one hand she’s got all that stuff on [X/Twitter], you know, she’s a serious political commentator, and then if you look at her Instagram it’s all pictures of her bums and her boobs,” he said during an appearance on the divisive TV channel. 

“So what is it, here? She can’t be both.”

In response, Vorderman blasted his words as misogynistic and #SexistShaun began to trend on X/Twitter in the number one position.

On Wednesday afternoon (3 January) the former Countdown host described him as a “jingle and mingle partygate apologist” – in reference to pictures of him taken of him at a party whilst lockdown measures were in place – and a “failed” mayoral candidate

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“So Shaun thinks that women who wear lycra in the gym shouldn’t be allowed a political opinion…. or I assume a vote!,” she continued. 

Adding: “Yet another Tory honour for dishonour,” in reference to his peerage.

In a second post she said: “After Lawrence Fox [sic] made disgusting comments about Ava Santina [Ava Evans] on GB News and was effectively suspended….

“Now we have #SexistShaun Tory Lord Shaun Bailey making more misogynistic remarks on guess where….yes GB NEWS….where else.” 

Evans, who was at the centre of a sexism storm last year over comments made by Fox, has thrown her support behind Vorderman. 

“Really exhausting to see this said about Carol Vorderman,” she wrote on her own X/Twitter account. “It’s so easy to use your interview time to go for someone’s arguments, yet he can’t help himself but go for her body.”

Shaun Bailey told PinkNews in a statement: “In a recent panel discussion, I used a clumsy form of words to describe Carol Vorderman’s Instagram posts.

“The point I was trying to make is Carol lives in a world of glitz and celebrity, as her Instagram portrays, but simultaneously demonises and bullies those who hold different political views to her own.

“I strongly support free speech. I don’t support bullying.”

PiinkNews has contacted GB News for comment.