Carol Vorderman swamped by homophobic trolls after posing with drag queen at Alison Hammond’s birthday

An Instagram photo shows Carol Vorderman wearing a light green dress posing with drag queen who's wearing a silver dress

Carol Vorderman has been bombarded with homophobic comments from online trolls after she posted a photo posing with a drag queen. No, seriously.

On Sunday (5 February), Vorderman posted a photo from This Morning presenter Alison Hammond’s birthday party, where she posed next to a glamorous queen serving high fashion. 

She captioned the post: “Bloody good party! Happy Birthday Kween @alisonhammond55. And your Aidan. Having too good a night.”

But the photo didn’t get the reception Vorderman probably expected, with many calling her out for choosing to post the image.

One person wrote: “More disappointed in you daily. You attack the right for corruption while promoting the cultural corruption of the left. 

“You have become part of everything wrong with Britain and western culture. Shame on you.” 

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Another comment read: “I could walk about with a dildo hanging off my head, paint zebra stripes on me but it doesn’t make it acceptable.” 

“Disappointed in you promoting this. You might as well advocate for story time for kids with beasts,” another comment read in reference to an ongoing anti-trans rhetoric that refers to drag queens as “groomers”. 

Carol Vorderman was quick to brush off the nasty comments and followed the post with a video of her celebrating, which featured a short clip of her with the drag queen. 

She captioned the video: “It was the Kween’s @alisonhammond55’s birthday party last night with her son Aidan who turned 18.” 

Comments under the video were kinder and complimented Vorderman on her striking looks. 

In recent years, anti-drag hate has become prevalent across the globe, with drag queens in the US even going as far as to hire armed guards for some of their shows, to keep themselves and their fans safe, following the harrowing Club Q shooting.

The Colorado Springs attack, which happened on the Club’s “Drag Divas” night on 19 November left five dead and at least 25 injured. The attack followed months of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and legislation from the US right wing.

In Alabama, a dog shelter received death threats just for holding a Drag Queen Story Time event.