Canada’s Drag Race season four crowns a winner – and fans are divided

Canada's Drag Race host Brooke Lynn Heights.

After an undeniably iconic season, Canada’s Drag Race season four has crowned a winner, but fans are completely torn. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Season four Canada’s Drag Race was quickly described as one of the best in the franchise by Drag Race fans, thanks to contestant Melinda Verga’s extremely chaotic werkroom breakdown and her incredible rudemption arc.

Throw in a brilliant “lip sync slay off” episode, guest judges including Nelly Furtado, Jaida Essence Hall, Tegan and Sara, and Winnie Harlow, and a wardrobe full of pristine looks from host Brooke Lynn Heights, and season four truly delivered the goods.

In the season finale, the remaining four queens – Denim, Venus, Aurora Matrix and Nearah Nuff – were tasked with writing and recording their own original single, with a little help from ‘Maneater’ hitmaker Furtado.

Before that, they also held a very special photoshoot with season three champion Giselle Lullaby. 

After hitting the runway one last time with their “Coronation Eleganza” looks, the final four became a final two, with contestants Denim and Nearah Nuff being told that sadly, it was not their time.

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Venus and Aurora Matrix.
Canada’s Drag Race season 4 final two Venus and Aurora Matrix. (BBC)

Venus and Aurora Matrix were left to lip-sync to Nelly Furtato’s criminally underrated 2004 pop ballad “Try”, with Venus ultimately being crowned the winner.

Yet it appears that the episode is becoming the most controversial finale in Canada’s Drag Race history, if it weren’t for the season three finale effectively predicting the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Fans of the drag show are seemingly split down the middle, with some insisting that Aurora Matrix was the right person for the win, given that she won both the girl group and Rusical challenge, and landed in the top two during the lip-sync episode.

The 23-year-old Toronto queen won viewers over with her frankly insane performing talents during the lip-sync lollapalooza challenge, and delivered a stream of jaw-dropping looks throughout the season. However, she did land in the bottom two during the Snatch Game, which is often seen as a fatal error for the judges. 

Venus, 27, did end the season with the best track record, having won the first episode – the runway challenge – and placed “high” in five of the other seven episodes.

She never landed below “safe”, let alone in the bottom two.

The result of the episode has sent fans on social media wild, with two sides of the fandom drawing up their battle lines to defend their favourite queens.

“OK so we all collectively agree that Aurora Matrix should have won this season of Canada’s Drag Race? Noted,” wrote one fan on social media.

“Venus devoured the finale idk… Aurora is amazing as well but Venus was CONSISTENTTTT. Aurora will her win one day trustttt,” another replied.

“I genuinely couldn’t be more proud of Venus,” one fan shared.

“She is a such a talented, kind, and beautiful person and seeing her dreams come true has been an absolute privilege to watch.”

Aurora Matrix has shared her own sweet message of support for Venus following her win, writing on X/Twitter: “OUR REIGNING QUEEN. GODDESS OF LOVE @legallyvenus. Congrats my beautiful, you deserve every bit of this. I am so thankful to share the stage with you one last time, we did that.”

Canada’s Drag Race is streaming now on Crave, WOW Presents Plus, and BBC iPlayer.

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