Canada’s Drag Race tweets ‘crown is up for grabs’ while the Queen under ‘medical supervision’

RuPaul with big blonde hair, looking shocked

Canada’s Drag Race has deleted a tweet saying the crown is “up for grabs” while Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision.

The official Twitter account shared a picture of a Drag Race crown on Thursday (8 September) along with the caption: “This crown is up for grabs… who is going to take it home???”

The tweet was swiftly deleted, but not before it had racked up more than 160 quote tweets from eagle-eyed Twitter users and countless replies.

The tweet was posted just hours after Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II was under medical supervision and that her doctors were “concerned”.

As members of the Royal Family travelled by plane to Scotland to be with the queen, Canada’s Drag Race posted its tweet.

While the tweet was deleted with haste, the reaction was instant.

The tweet was, of course, an unfortunate coincidence – the finale of Canada’s Drag Race season three is about to air, meaning a new Canadian drag superstar will be crowned.

Canada’s Drag Race posted its tweet shortly after the BBC suspended its programming until 6pm, with the broadcaster following the news closely.

Every other major media outlet has dedicated most of its resources to covering the monarch’s health, with experts warning the tone of Buckingham Palace’s statement indicates the situation is serious.

Queen Elizabeth II has served as monarch for 70 years – the UK celebrated her platinum jubilee just months ago.

In more recent times, the queen has tended to shy away from public appearances, which has led to some speculation about the state of her health.

On Tuesday (6 September), Boris Johnson and Liz Truss flew to Balmoral so the queen could greet the outgoing prime minister and ask the new prime minister to form a government.