Lauren Boebert schooled on how global warming works after clueless post

Lauren Boebert speaks into a microphone at a press interview.

Right-wing Colorado representative Lauren Boebert is once again attempting to spread misinformation – this time, about the climate crisis. 

After taking to X/Twitter on Monday (15 January) to post about climate change – evidently an issue she knows nothing about – people were quick to school the Republican on her obvious mistake. 

Boebert wrote: “You’ve got to appreciate the irony of climate protestors trudging through a foot of snow and -30 degree wind chills to yell about how the planet is warming.

“They just don’t see it, do they?” 

Social media users were quick to correct her, with one comment that has been liked more than 650 times reading: “The irony is your misunderstanding of global warming. It’s not just about the Earth getting hotter; it’s about extreme weather patterns as the Earth tries to adapt. 

“This includes intensified cold spells, erratic rainfall, heavy snow, and more, all symptoms of climate change.” 

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Another user commented with a meme showing a photoshopped image of Boebert holding a sign saying: “Thy kingdom come I do be dumb.”

Climate change, which encompasses global warming, refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, as defined by the Untied Nations. 

The intergovernmental organisation adds that climate scientists have shown that humans are responsible for “virtually all global heating over the last 200 years” and the last decade – from 2011 to 2020 – “was the warmest on record, and each of the last four decades has been warmer than any previous decade since 1850″.

So far this year, Boebert has denied allegations that she publicly punched her ex-husband in the face at a restaurant and attempted to blame Barbra Streisand for forcing her to run for office in a different district of Colorado next year. 

She has also hit out at USA Boxing’s trans participation policy, alongside anti-trans former competitive swimmer Riley Gaines.