The Traitors’ Charlotte on how she and her wife would spend prize money

Charlotte from The Traitors series 2 in a BBC promotional picture

As The Traitors approaches its final episodes, fan-favourite LGBTQ+ contestant Charlotte has revealed how she would spend the prize money if she manages to win the hit BBC series.

The first series of The Traitors was a hit with LGBTQ+ fans when it aired in 2022 and season two appears to be just as popular.

With many popular ‘Faithfuls’ and ‘Traitors’ dropping like flies in the high-stakes drama, Charlotte has luckily escaped unscathed for the time being.

The remaining contestants are competing to increase the prize pot to a total of £120,000. If a Traitor remains in the group when the game ends, they will take it all but if all the Traitors are out by then, the Faithfuls will split the prize pot.

Who is The Traitors series two star Charlotte?

One of the many ‘Faithfuls’ in the Scottish castle, 32-year-old Charlotte is a recruitment manager from Warwickshire.

She applied to be on The Traitors because of the challenge it would bring.

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“You don’t see many shows like this, so when I saw it on TV I thought it was really refreshing to watch something different. So, I applied for the challenge, I wasn’t even thinking about the money,” Charlotte told the BBC.

Originally, Charlotte wanted to be a Traitor but said she’d make sure to keep the Traitors on side if she was a Faithful in order to stay safe.

Charlotte said she admired the strategy of one of last year’s Traitors, Amanda, who was “successful to a certain level with her motherly approach”.

Charlotte from The Traitors Series 2 in the BBC Promo Pics
Charlotte is an LGBTQ+ contestant in The Traitors Season 2. (BBC)

But, due to her age, Charlotte thought it would be best for her to keep her cool like Meryl and Hannah from series one.

She told the BBC: “I feel like you need to build relationships with everybody. Don’t be too opinionated, but don’t be too quiet. If you do think someone is a Traitor, be their friend, wait until the end and job done!”

Charlotte also said she believes she has a good poker face because she can “play dumb” and hopes to be “underestimated”.

“We all love an underdog, don’t we?”

Charlotte is one of the LGBTQ+ contestants on The Traitors UK season two

Charlotte is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is married to a woman named Laura.

When asked how she would spend the money, Charlotte said she would use it to travel with her wife and dogs.

She told the BBC: “I thought we could get a motor home and go across America eating all the amazing food and bring my dogs Lady and Lolly. That’s as much as I’ve planned so far.”

The inspiration for this came from reading a newspaper article with her wife about putting your dog on a private jet to travel without them having to go into the cargo hold.

Though Charlotte acknowledges that there might be “better stuff” she could do if she won the jackpot, she is also of the belief that “life’s too short”.

The Traitors continues next Wednesday 24 January at 9pm on BBC One.

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