The Traitors’ Evie wants to spend the prize money on her wife and dogs

The Traitors LGBTQ+ star Evie Morrison

Gripping BBC show The Traitors will air its finale today (Friday) and the countdown is on for fans as they wait to see whether the ‘Traitors’ will prevail.

There are only five contestants remaining, three of whom are ‘Faithfuls’ and two are Traitors. Harry and Andrew, who are both Traitors, are currently in a strong position to take the money unless Evie, Mollie, and Jaz are able to work it out before the end.

Suspicion is now on Evie but fans are hoping that the Traitors can be weeded out, leaving the remaining three Faithfuls to take the prize pot (which now stands at £75,000) home.

But what would Evie spend the money on?

Who is Evie from The Traitors?

29-year-old Evie is a veterinary nurse from Inverness. She applied to be on The Traitors because she was “having a bit of an existential crisis about turning 30” and decided to do “30 things” before turning 30 that she’d always wanted to do – turns out The Traitors was one of them.

The show is actually filmed only 30 minutes away from where Evie lives.

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Originally, Evie wanted to be a Traitor. She told the BBC: “I think I would make a good Traitor because I look like such a Faithful. I don’t think people think I’m very mischievous, but I think that shows that I’d be really be good at it.”

However, Evie was not chosen by host Claudia Winkleman to be a Traitor at the start of the show and despite two recruitments by the Traitors throughout, she remains a Faithful.

Evie is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community

After saying on Thursday’s episode that she’d use the money to buy a bigger place if she wins, Evie tweeted a photo of her partner, Kayleigh, and their dogs.

She wrote, “Sorry guys forgot to mention. Here’s my missus Kayleigh and the two rescue dogs I need £100k for. Not the most inspiring story I just want a garden lol #The Traitors.”

Prior to appearing on the show, she said that she’d want to spend some of the money on rescuing more animals due to her experiences with the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).

“Working in the SSPCA, here’s so many animals that need to be homed and at this point I already have two dogs from them, I had a snake and I’ve had a hamster, but I think I would really love to set something up that was a bit more permanent,” she explained to the BBC.

Evie Traitors Instagram

Evie is also on Instagram, where she goes by the username @happyblondehiker. She shares hiking, running and wild swimming photos, as well as plenty of her two adorable rescue dogs. She also describes herself as a body positivity and self acceptance advocate.

The finale of The Traitors series two airs on BBC One at 9pm on Friday 26 January.

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