Nobody panic, Paul Mescal has just discussed ‘going down’ on Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers

The pair play lovers Harry and Adam in Andrew Haigh’s psychological adaptation of the 1987 Japanese novel, Strangers. (Searchlight Pictures)

Paul Mescal has just discussed “going down” on Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers, and we can’t quite contain ourselves. 

The actors appear in the 2023 Fantasy/Romance film together and play lovers Harry and Adam in Andrew Haigh’s psychological adaptation of the 1987 Japanese novel, Strangers.

We already have the steamy press shots and the trailer ingrained in our minds, with the co-stars’ sexual connection being palpable through the screen. 

And in a recent interview, Irish actor Mescal has looked back on “the most illicit moment” between him and co-star Scott, and it just so happens to take place before an oral sex scene. 

Mescal explained that the moment he locks eyes with Scott in the film before he “goes down on him” is so sexually charged, that it actually frightened him.

In a recent interview with Dazed, the reporter said that the “eye contact” in the film was “so sexy” that he “couldn’t look away”. 

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To this, Mescal responded: “That’s the bit that scared me. When I saw it for the first time in the audience, I asked Andrew if he remembered me doing that.

“The most illicit moment is not actually the sex, but my eyes looking up to Andrew when I’m about to go down on him.”

The actor also added: “I think we do have this innate thing called chemistry, which I find impossible to describe.”

Previously, Scott admitted that he doesn’t want to be in the same room as his parents when they see his gay sex scenes in the upcoming movie. 

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show on 19 January, Scott told the host the pair had to do an “awful lot of intimate scenes” – which he described as “tasteful” – after Norton joked that the sex scenes would help sell tickets to the film.

“With the Irish premiere, trying to allocate tickets to all the aunties and uncles is a tricky business. They have seen my bum before but there is a little more going on in this movie I would say,” Mescal admitted.

“I don’t want to be there when my parents watch it,” Scott admitted, before joking: “So don’t make me! Don’t make me Graham!”

All of Us Strangers will be released in UK cinemas on 26 January.

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