All of Us Strangers gets UK streaming release date – here’s how to watch

Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott will star in All of Us Strangers later this year

Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal’s ghostly gay romance film All of Us Strangers is finally coming to streaming in the UK.

The BAFTA-nominated film, which stars heartthrobs Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal as lonely gay lovers in London, will arrive on Disney+ in the UK on Wednesday 20 March.

It’s currently already available to stream in the US on Disney’s subsidiary streaming service, Hulu.

Helmed by Looking director Andrew Haigh, All of Us Strangers stars Ripley actor Scott, 47, as Adam – a depressed gay man attempting to write about his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell), who died when he was a child.

In the midst of his writer’s block he meets Harry (Aftersun’s Mescal), and the pair embark on a passionate love affair.

Meanwhile, Adam travels back to his childhood home for inspiration on his writing, only to discover that the apparitions of his parents are still living there, 30 years after their deaths.

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In deeply moving scenes – trust us, you’ll need tissues – Adam gets to tell his parents things he never could, including coming out to them as gay.

Speaking exclusively with PinkNews earlier this year, Scott said it was “wonderful” to see more films, including All of Us Strangers, embracing queer sex scenes.

“What’s going to help bring the world forward is just to have representation in that sense,” Scott said.

“I always say [that] as a queer person, seeing straight relationships constantly and almost exclusively, it hasn’t made me disgusted to look at them. I just go, ‘there you go’. It’s not what I particularly want to spend my time doing but that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t.

“So that’s what we have to get used to – representation, representation, representation.”

Also in conversation with PinkNews, director Haigh said that while he is aware some people won’t watch the film because of “what they think is the content”, he’s pleased to see the film received so well by many.

“It’s always quite surprising to me when something with queer content actually manages to break through and get talked about,” he said.

“It’s amazing that it has been taken under the wing by a lot of people and I love that.”

All of Us Strangers will stream on Disney+ from 20 March in the UK.