Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein advert has been recreated with a gay bear

Jeremy Allen White in his calvin Klein ad and Gerrard Woodward in his BRLO ad.

A beer brand has created a parody of Jeremy Allen White’s popular Calvin Klein advert, swapping the star of The Bear for, well, a bear.

In the ad, White, who played Lip Gallagher in the US version of Shameless, is seen running about New York stripping off his clothes and climbing to the top of a building. All to a sexy version of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” 

It quickly got people more than a little excited, and even the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) became involved, adding alt text to the images so those with sight loss could enjoy the spectacle.

Just a few weeks later, with the photos still keeping everyone hot under the collar, German beer brand BRLO has created its own version, to promote alcohol-free NAKED pale ale.

In a video shared on social media, out gay, London-based actor Gerrard Woodward copies White’s moves while strutting about in Germany.

Woodward shows off his thick thighs and hair-covered dad bod as he walks about in his tighty-whities, before stripping down out of his underwear altogether. Now that is how you, ahem, top Jeremy Allen White.

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Spoiler alert: Woodward’s nude shot is pixelated. Boo, hiss!

He shared the campaign on his social media, emphasising how he wanted to champion body positivity.

“Such a great concept for @brlobeer, #bodypositive love note to Jeremy Allen White,” he wrote, alongside a beer and bear emoji. “Had a great time working in Munich last week.

“Thank you, everyone was so kind to me. I love this campaign so much.”

Speaking to queer publication Into, Woodward said: “I was in love with the idea right from the beginning. I saw the comedy of it right away and knew they were on to something.

“Everyone came with such great intentions. I’d already worked with Charley Stadler, the director, and Reza Ramezani, the chief creative officer at Deloitte Central Europe. [They] came into it with the best vibes, which made me feel excited for it.”

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