Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan sign pledge to ‘love each other forever’ amid wedding hiatus

The pair have given a wedding update. (Getty/@francescafarago/Instagram)

Francesca Farago and her fiancé Jesse Sullivan have signed a pledge to “love and cherish each other forever” while their wedding plans are on hold. 

The influencer and the trans TikToker confirmed their engagement back in May 2023, after Farago had a stint on three Netflix dating shows in a bid to find love. 

However, the couple agreed to put their wedding plans on the back burner to focus on their IVF journey, as having children together is an important part of their relationship milestones, they said.

But after undergoing their first round of IVF, Farago and Sullivan told fans on 13 February that their embryo transfer failed meaning that the Too Hot To Handle star is not yet pregnant after the process. “Hopefully next time is our time,” she said on Instagram. 

On 14 February, Farago then shared a series of gorgeous pictures of themselves both appearing to wear wedding rings, despite not yet tying the knot. The influencer appeared to wear her ring on her right hand (wedding rings typically go on the left), while Sullivan appeared to wear his ring on his left.

She revealed that they wanted to “make a promise to one another” with the diamond rings from Darry Ring. The brand requires buyers to sign an “agreement of true love” and arrives with a customised identity card “that is a testament from both of you, to your vow of loving only one for a lifetime”, the website reads.

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In the post, she wrote: “Right after I met [Jesse] over zoom 3 years ago I ran around the house and told everyone I knew I found my new boyfriend. The attraction was so instant. After a week of dating we talked about how we wanted kids and made an exact plan of how we would expand our family one day…. And now we are doing exactly that. 

“Now our family of 6 (Arlo, BMO, church🐱 and Romeo) since we’re holding off the wedding until our first baby or babies are here, we chose to make a promise to one another with Darry Ring.”

She continued: “Our rings came with a True Love Agreement that we signed, a pledge that says that we promise to love and cherish each other forever. And we can only buy these rings for one another! @DarryRing_official #IDverificationRing #1ring1life1love #DarryRingPartner.”

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