Lush releases Saltburn-inspired bath bomb, and it’s about to be your guilty self-care pleasure

Lush's latest product is a play on the cult scene. (Warner Bros. Studios/Amazon/Lush handout)

Lush has just released a bath bomb inspired by the infamous Saltburn bathtub sex scene, and it’s about to be your guilty self-care pleasure. 

The handmade cosmetics company launched the limited-edition bath bomb iconically named Saltbomb following the never-ending talk about the infamous scene in the queer thriller. 

If you’ve seen the film, then you’ll know this is where Oliver (played by BAFTA award-winner Barry Keoghan) watches Felix (Jacob Elordi) masturbating in the tub through a crack in the door. He then proceeds to drink his bath water semen and all as it circles the drain. 

Thankfully, there are no bodily fluids in Lush’s latest product, nor does it burn. The bath bomb contains a mineral-rich concoction of sea salt and coconut powder. The result? A soothing and creamy bath, “creating a tub fit for an aristocrat”. Don’t mind if we do. 

Lush’s Saltbomb is inspired by the infamous bathtub scene in the movie. (Lush handout)

The exclusive bathtime treat even shares the same fragrance as the brand’s moisturising bubble bar, Milky Bath.

The film has become a cult moment for viewers,  even inspiring a bath-water candle and an influx of tourism in Northamptonshire in the wake of its release. 

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The family estate of heartthrob Felix in the movie has set the internet ablaze, and the region in which it was filmed has since become a hit for tourists. 

The stately home near Lowick Village is a private home owned by the Sackville family and is not usually open to the public. But this hasn’t stopped viewers from heading to the area to catch a glimpse of the mansion where it all happens.

The bath bomb contains sea salt and coconut powder. (Lush handout)

Google searches for “Holidays in Northamptonshire” have experienced an 11,000% increase over the past month, according to data from booking software Bókun, with fans desperate to visit the filming location. 

One local social media user, Rhian Williams, posted a series of TikTok videos sharing “how to get to Saltburn” and visit the stately home. “I knew there’d be interest,” Rhian said to the BBC. “But I didn’t think it would be like this.”

Lush’s Saltbomb (£5) is available online and via the Lush app. 

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