Saltburn’s outdoor scenes aren’t far-fetched, as fifth of adults admit to getting it on in the countryside

People are getting down and dirty (quite literally) in the countryside. (@saltburnfilm/Instagram/Getty)

A new study has revealed that 20% of adults in the UK have had sexual intercourse in the countryside. 

Saltburn may have thrust us into some shall we say, “different”   cult pop culture moments, including drinking bathwater and the rise of Northamptonshire tourism thanks to the film’s popularity. 

But now, the UK public seems to have taken the somewhat disturbing sex scenes in the movie to a whole new level with the admission that one in five sexually active adults have had sex while outside in the countryside.

In the same location, one in six adults have engaged in oral sex outdoors, nearly one in ten have had anal sex, and over one in ten adults who have ever had a threesome have had one there. 

The research was commissioned by Durex and surveyed 2,000 UK adults from Opinium Research between 9-12 January 2024. Aside from folks getting down and dirty (quite literally) in the outdoors, the workplace also seems to rile people up. 

HR, look away now. More than one in ten sexually active adults have admitted to feeling aroused in the office, with 7% even having sex there, and the same percentage rubbing one off in the work toilets. 

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Other top spots for feeling horny include the beach (24%), bars, pubs and nightclubs (22%), and a hot tub or swimming pool (19%). 

A further 9% have engaged in partnered masturbation in the cinema, while 7% have engaged in a threesome while hitting the ski slopes. 

The queer-coded thriller has even influenced Lush to release a bath bomb inspired by the film, while a fan has created a candle inspired by the scene. 

The family estate of heartthrob Felix in the movie has set the internet ablaze, and the region in which it was filmed has since become a hit for tourists. 

The stately home near Lowick Village is a private home owned by the Sackville family and is not usually open to the public. But this hasn’t stopped viewers from heading to the area to catch a glimpse of the mansion where it all happens.