Woman says she can communicate with animals (both gay and straight) telepathically – and so can you

A former lawyer in Pennsylvania says she can communicate with animals, and, despite scepticism, believes it’s a skill everyone can learn.

After reading a series of books on animal communication, Nikki Vasconez said she was able to teach herself to talk to animals – and she quickly turned her newfound hobby into a booming business.

So, is Nikki a real-life Doctor Dolittle?

Vasconez said her ability works in the same way as “someone standing behind you and you didn’t notice they were there, but you feel they’re looking at you”.

She said “we’re all telepathic beings”, and her skill, which she believes anyone can pick up, enables her to speak to both living and dead animals. “They can communicate just the same,” she said.

The first step to emulating her skills is to “really clear the energy field around you”, then “visualise your heart connecting” with the chosen animal.

Vasconez said she experiences sensations, such as pain, when communicating with an animal, which enables her to know when it is in discomfort. Her ability helped her discover a dog which was having serious health problems was a vegetarian, she claimed.

“Everyone always says: ‘I wish I had your gift’. Animal communication is not a gift, it’s a skill. It’s a muscle to be developed and we can all do it,” she said.

Sceptics online aren’t convinced, however. But once people hear her “give specific details about things I would never know about, everything changes”, she added.

Research published in 2023 found that same-sex activity is common and normal in the animal kingdom, including among fish, birds, and an array of mammals and insects.

Recently, the first-ever photo of two humpback whales mating was taken, and it turned out that both were male. Perhaps Vasconez could pop down and have a chat with them, and maybe invite them to Pride.