Lesbian age gap couple: ‘As long as it’s legal, why not?’

Lesbian couple Julia and Eileen kiss on the sofa

Lesbian couple Eileen and Julia met on Tinder and are proud to be dating with an age gap—despite online comments calling them a ‘sugar momma and baby.’

What began as a quick fling fast turned into a serious relationship and Julia recently moved in with Eileen.

Julia Zelg, a young, lesbian YouTuber, recently introduced her girlfriend Eileen to her channel’s audience, admitting that she was “quite a bit older.”

Despite the age gap, the couple told PinkNews that the online judgement is the only struggle they share.

“They don’t get the age gap, they don’t get women together and we’re women together. So it’s been kind of awful,” Eileen explained.

Lesbian age gap couple have faced backlash

“We don’t even feel the age gap,” Julia added. “We’re totally natural with each other and it just feels so right.

“The only problem is literally all the hate and the closed-minded people.

“People really judge us without knowing us—people sometimes think I’m using Eileen for sex or she’s using me for sex.”

The pair share their relationship openly with online fans, even posting videos of themselves in the bath together and eating a Pride cake.

“We love dining out, we just love to hang out together,” Eileen said.

They both recommend being in an age gap relationship and say others’ judgements do not put them off, as the difference in age only enhances their dynamic.

“There is an element of it we enjoy but it’s the love we enjoy and the compatibility, and it’s probably enhanced by our age gap,” said Eileen.

Julia added: “If you’re interested in that and you’re attracted to that, or if it just happens to you, as long as it’s legal, why not?”

Watch the video above to see Julia and Eileen reveal what it’s like to be in an age gap relationship, including their families’ reactions.