Amar a Muerte: Fans call for lesbian couple Juliana and Valentina spin-off

A shot of Juliantina, a couple on Mexican telenovela Amar a Muerte.

More than 40,000 fans of Mexican TV show Amar a Muerte have called for a spin-off for lesbian couple Juliana and Valentina.

The final episode of Univision’s Spanish-language telenovela aired on Monday (March 11), leaving queer viewers bereft as the historic lesbian couple was torn away from them.

Tens of thousands of people have now signed a petition which urges Mexican TV studio Televisa to create a programme focused on Juliantina—Juliana and Valentina’s couple name.

Amar a Muerte fans have grown to love Juliantina

Fans of the show, which means “Love to Death” in English, have been spurred into this level of enthusiasm by the wonderful relationship between Macarena Achaga’s Valentina Carvajal and Bárbara López’s Juliana Valdes.

Amar a Muerte only ran for a little over four months, but still managed to break new ground with the couple, who reportedly formed the first same-sex pairing on a Mexican telenovela.

Macarena Achaga’s Valentina Carvajal and Bárbara López’s Juliana Valdes on Amar a Muerte. Together, they form a couple known as Juliantina.

The lesbian Amar a Muerte couple is reportedly the first on a Mexican telenovela. (Amar a Muerte)

Viewers were drawn in by the couple’s numerous ups and downs over the course of 87 episodes, as their friendship turning into something more after Juliana’s mother was kidnapped by a cartel.

Petition explains why Amar a Muerte couple Juliantina is so important

That love for Juliantina is clear in the petition, started by a fan called Marija Milovanovic.

She states that the queer relationship “has opened the eyes of the public [to the fact] that something as natural and normal as LOVE can be accepted in all its forms, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or skin colour.

“It has opened the door for our LGTBQ community to be more visible and accepted,” the petition continues. “Its impact in Mexico and Latin America is becoming stronger and stronger.

“Let’s join forces so that this beautiful story continues and so this is not the end! We deserve more Juliantina!”

— Marija Milovanovic about Amar a Muerte couple Juliantina

“Fans from all over the world have collaborated with creative ideas to follow their relationship closely.

“Periscope, Twitter and Instagram Stories have been the meeting points between thousands of people from around the world who fell in love with this beautiful story.”

Milovanovic adds: “We can get more of them; let’s join forces so that this beautiful story continues and so this is not the end! We deserve more Juliantina!”

A huge number of fans have joined in this chorus.

One person wrote on the petition: “I think it’s about time we have proper representation on TV for everyone to enjoy. This show and these two actresses did an amazing job with the story arc they were given.

“It’s started to get people to open up with their families and have those tough discussions.”

Another fan said: “We need more stories which identify we with. All our lives we have watched heterosexual novelas. At the same time it will help to make it more normal for parents.”

A different signatory commented: “I really love Juliantina and I am here to support them, especially as Macarena and Barbara are my babies.”