Hannah Waddingham destroys photographer at Olivier Awards 2024: ‘You’d never say that to a man’

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham has epically dragged a photographer at the Olivier Awards 2024 after he shouted a lewd request at her.

Waddingham, who has a strong queer following thanks to her outstanding performances in West End shows such as Spamalot, A Little Night Music and Kiss Me, Kate, has once again proved she’s a queer icon. 

The actor hosted the 2024 Olivier Awards with London Theatre on Saturday (13 April) night, ahead of which she walked the steps of the Royal Albert Hall where the event was held.

Dressed in a stunning lilac, one-shoulder, beaded floor-length gown, she stopped for photos.

A video posted by a fan account on X/Twitter showed Waddingham being asked by a member of the paparazzi to show some leg. 

“Oh my God, you’d never say that to a man,” Waddingham responded while waving her finger in disapproval. 

“Don’t be a dick otherwise I’ll move off. Don’t say ‘show me leg.’ No,” she said before epically walking away. 

The moment, which has been posted by the fan account which features the bio “I finally surrendered myself to the power and charms of Hannah Waddingham”, has been watched more than 467,000 times. 

“This woman is a role model. Always, always call pr**ks out on their bulls**t,” the fan captioned the video. 

They linked the video to a previous post in which they wrote: “I not only saw Hannah Waddingham but I saw Hannah Waddingham being pissed at an a**hole misogynistic p***k photographer and calling him off on it and I never yelled MOTHER so loud.” 

The fan added that the incident ruined their chance to meet Waddingham, who was walking their way before changing course after being rudely demanded to show some leg. 

In 2023, Waddingham spoke to Attitude magazine about why being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community is “everything” to her.

“It wouldn’t cross my mind to not lift the LGBTQ+ community up,” she said. Thank you, mother.