Gay Twitter has ideas about who should represent the UK at Eurovision 2024: ‘I dream about it’

Singers Hannah Waddingham, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Rita Ora, Billie Piper, Alesha Dixon.

The Eurovision Song Contest is over for another year, but fans are already pulling together some potential ideas about who could represent the UK in 2024.

Following Loreen’s historic win with her huge pop banger “Tattoo”, Eurovision 2024 will take place in her home country, Sweden.

It might still be a year away, but it’s never too soon for the gays of the UK to come up with a wish list of the British pop legends who could take us to the Eurovision top-spot next year.

This year, the LGBTQ+ community got firmly behind UK entrant Mae Muller and her fun break-up single “I Wrote A Song”. In return, she got behind the LGBTQ+ community by being an absolute hun.

Despite her affinity with Eurovision’s queer fans, she couldn’t scoop together enough points to win the contest, landing in 25th place – second to last.

In 2024, it’s all about redemption for the UK. As the country that birthed Adele, Charli XCX and Sam Smith, Britain knows how to deliver some pop tunes. In theory, Eurovision should be a breeze.

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Here are just some of the pop icons that fans want the UK to send to Eurovision next year.


At the tailend of 2022, the OG Sugababes – Mutya Buena, Siobhán Donaghy, Keisha Buchanan – dropped their album The Lost Tapes to rapturous fan applause. With a UK tour on the horizon, the trio clearly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and a Eurovision appearance could slot very nicely into their extended comeback.

It’s not too far a stretch, either, considering former Sugababe Jade Ewen represented the UK in 2009, becoming one of just a few UK entrants to make it into the top 10 on the scoreboard in recent years.

Shortly after her Eurovision success, Jade Ewen joined the Sugababes for the group’s fourth line-up. If Eurovision can make a Sugababe, surely the Sugababes can make Eurovision.

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud stars Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh have all but ruled out a fully-fledged return following the devastating passing of the late Sarah Harding, who died in 2021 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

However, the group did mark the 20-year anniversary of their debut single and album Sound of the Underground earlier this year, suggesting that they haven’t fully turned their backs on their musical career.

If a reunion were ever on the cards, Eurovision 2024 would be the place to make it happen.

Rita Ora

“Hot Right Now” singer Rita Ora reminded the UK and the world of her top-tier star potential during the first Eurovision semi-final last week, as she took to the stage to roll out a medley of her biggest and best hits.

Her performance reached its peak with a fiery rendition of her latest hit, the Fatboy Slim-sampling “Praising You”. Surrounded by an army of backing dancers, the production felt more like something you might see at the Superbowl, and was the perfect evidence for why Rita Ora could and should head to Sweden in 2024.

Rebecca Ferguson

Former X Factor finalist and Liverpudlian icon Rebecca Ferguson has already thrown her hat into the ring to become the UK’s 2024 representative, because if you can’t root for yourself, who can you root for?

The idea of Ferguson bringing her soulful vocals to Sweden with a classic Eurovision ballad already has the gays standing firmly behind her. 

Alesha Dixon

Former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon will go down in history for her frankly iconic Eurovision rap during last week’s first semi-final, during which she paid homage to all of the very best Eurovision acts that have come before us.

If the UK wants to be on the right side of history, it will send Dixon to Sweden next year, so that she can construct a reprise of the rap, and add her own name into the lyrics.

If she can get the whole Mis-Teeq gang back together for an anthemic “Scandalous”-esque single, all the better.

Billie Piper

Billie Piper left her pop stardom days back in her teenage years, and has since turned her attention to acting – from her seminal role as Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler, to her award-winning comedy-drama I Hate Suzie.

Yet her musical legacy has never been forgotten, with “Because We Want To” and “Day and Night” still making regular appearances on Pride playlists up and down the country.

If she ever fancied taking her microphone out of retirement, there’s no greater stage to do so than the Eurovision stage.

Hannah Waddingham

Bit of a curveball here, considering Hannah Waddingham is best known for Ted Lasso and Sex Education fame. Yet, as an award-nominated star of the stage, she knows a thing or two about live performance too.

Plus, during her Eurovision 2023 hosting stint, she shows the world that she has a more than healthy set of lungs, and a hilarious, hun-like personality to top it all off. An easy winner at Eurovision 2024.

While Eurovision fans won’t know anything much about the 2024 contest in Sweden for quite some time, that certainly won’t stop them writing up their dream contestant list, or theorising about potential guest stars – like ABBA, who will celebrate the 50-year anniversary of their big Eurovision win next year.

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