All Stars 9’s Snatch Game sees a tactical twist – and some much-needed drama

Gottmik in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9's Snatch Game episode

All Stars 9 episode three – the Snatch Game of Love – sees yet another queen’s attempt to build up their charity prize fund blocked, a badge-count twist and some actual drama.

Following last week’s double premiere, All Stars 9 continues to shake up the competition with Snatch Game, and one queen cements herself an early frontrunner.

Following a brief recap of last week’s episode, and Angeria pretending to be annoyed with Gottmik after being cut off, the queens ru-enter the Werk Room the next day to discover that they’re playing the Snatch Game of Love. And, in a gagworthy twist, Ru announces that whoever wins this week will get an extra Benefactress Badge to give away to a competitor the following week!

In the first instance of some actual drama in a thus-far stakes-free competition, Nina West and Shannel both discover that they’re planning on doing famous American pianist, Liberace for Snatch Game – with neither budging. What are the chances!

For Snatch Game (of Love), Gottmik (who won her first Snatch Game) is performing as Pal – the dog that played Lassie. Iconic. Vanjie is doing Cleopatra, Angeria is doing Marla Gibbs and Jorgeous is doing John Leguizamo.

Roxxxy invokes her season five icon Tasha Salad and Plastique performs as comedian Ali Wong. Liberace-gate, however, continues, with both Nina and Shannel committing to the bit headed into the Snatch Game – making it the first time in the US edition of the franchise that the same character has been done twice simultaneously.

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The queens also meet Terrence Meck, the head of The Palette Fund; the organisation responsible for the mega prize-fund for the queens’ charities this season.

The first group consists of Marla Gibbs (Angeria), Tasha Salad (Roxxxy), Liberace 1 (Shannel) and John Leguizamo (Jorgeous) competing to impress Kevin – otherwise known as Monét X Change, who picks Jorgeous as the group’s winner.

Group two includes Cleopatra (Vanjie), Pal (Gottmik), Ali Wong (Plastique) and Liberace II (Nina West) trying to win the heart of David – more commonly known as Raven, who picks Nina.

After some very intense discussions about tactics surrounding how to give the second Benefactress Badges away, the queens walk the runway in front of guest judge Anitta, in the category ‘A Tail and Two Titties’.

The top two are announced as Gottmik (for the second week in a row) and Nina West, though Angeria, who is blocked, also receives glowing critiques.

The top two, who are told that they’ll bestow their extra Benefactress Badge upon their competitors at the start of next week, lipsync to “Banana” by Anitta featuring Becky G, and Gottmik continues her somewhat unexpected transition into a lipsync assassin by winning.

Using the ruby-red scissors, Gottmik decides to scissor (cut off) Jorgeous, meaning she’s blocked from earning a Benefactress Badge next week.

So far, Angeria, Jorgeous, Nina and Plastique all have one badge, Gottmik has two, and Roxxxy, Vanjie and Shannel all have none – with Jorgeous blocked heading into episode four.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 is available to stream on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus in the UK and internationally. 

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