Carol Vorderman tells Rishi Sunak to ‘get out more’ after PM uses anti-trans dog whistle ‘biological sex matters’

Carol Vorderman responded to Rishi Sunak's anti-trans messaging. (Getty)

Carol Vorderman has told Rishi Sunak to “get out more” after the Prime Minister used the anti-trans dog whistle “biological sex matters” in his election messaging. 

The 4 July general election is nearing, and the Conservatives recently pledged to exclude trans people from single-sex spaces if they win the general election.

They proposed they would rewrite the Equality Act to make sex mean “biological sex”, which would ban trans women from entering single-sex spaces such as toilets, female prisons, and hospital wards even if they have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

In a 3 June tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Sunak wrote in response to the proposal: “Biological sex matters. We’re protecting women and girls.”

To this, LGBTQ+ ally and staunch advocate Vorderman has spoken out against the Conservative election proposal. 

The former Countdown star – who previously left her BBC radio show so she could continue criticising the Tory government – responded directly to his tweet on 4 June, highlighting the many public spaces that already use inclusive facilities. 

“I know you don’t often go to public places or anywhere you might mix with the public,” she savagely began. “But trains, planes, smaller restaurants, almost all cafes & new office spaces have unisex toilets.”

The presenter then used a thumbs-up emoji to describe the spaces people use every day. 

“Large bars/restaurants/hotels=more single sex,” she said, referring to those venues often having the capacity for separate toilets. 

“You really should get out more.”

Speaking about the proposal on 2 June, the Prime Minister previously said the “safety of women and girls is too important to allow the current confusion around definitions of sex and gender to persist”.

He said the Tory party believe making the change “will enhance protections in a way that respects the privacy and dignity of everyone in society” because the party is “taking an evidence-led approach to this issue so we can continue to build a secure future for everyone across the whole country”.

Sunak has been accused of inciting a “culture war” after the move, in a bid to allegedly increase votes for his party.

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