Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo announce plans to adopt a baby

Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo have announced their adoption plans. (Instagram/@andrescamilo___/@maxisms)

Oh baby, baby! Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo have announced their plans for adoption to become parents, and we’re so happy for them.

The content creators have been together for eight years, and are well-known in the gay community for their get ready with me videos and fun clips on TikTok.

On 10 June, Emerson and Camilo shared a joint Instagram video to share their adoption plans with their followers. In the adorable post, the pair addressed their followers as their “kids”.

“Hey, kids, your dad and I have an announcement,” Camilo began in the video. 

Emerson added: “After eight years together, your father and I have decided that it’s time to start our family.”

Camilo then clarified: “He means we’ve decided it’s time to grow our family.” 

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Emerson added: “Yeah, we’re adopting a human baby.”

“We understand this might be very confusing for you,” Camilo continued, “and it’s important that you know we still love you very, very much, very much.”

Emerson then noted: “That’s actually a big part of how we made this decision. You’re already so grown up, and handsome, and responsible. Hell, you might even be considering a decision like this of your own very soon.

“Max, stop,” Camilo responded. “They’re clearly going through a lot right now.”

The pair began the adoption process in November, Emerson told Out Magazine

He told the outlet: “We’ve had such a steep learning curve that it’s taken us a long time to figure out what and how we want to talk about [it] online.”

“But we are excited to share what we’ve been learning,” he added.

Emerson has recently released a new book, The Sparkle Club, and surprised his partner with a proposal last year. 

We can’t wait to keep up with their upcoming parenting journey. 

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