Gay star: I slept with girls

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Gay Boyzone star, Stephen Gately has admitted to sleeping with girls even though he knew he was gay.

The 29-year-old singer told an interview with the Irish Daily Mirror: “I’ve slept with girls, of course I have. When I was in Boyzone I slept with women but deep down I knew I was always gay.”

“There were always girls throwing themselves at us when we were in Boyzone. There was a lot of temptation there.”

“They didn’t just want your autograph, they wanted to sleep with you and marry you.”

The Dubliner plans to marry his partner Andy Cowles in London later this year.

He added: “I would never sleep with a woman again because I know who I am now and I’m completely happy with that.”

His first public romance was with Dutch pop star Eloy de Jong. Mr Gately came out at the peak of Boyzone hype in 1999.