Community threatened by “gay liaisons”

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Picturesque areas of Stockport are being turned into destinations for “dogging” and sexual activity for the gay community, according to local residents.

The Tame Valley Defence Group claims that the Reddish Vale Country Park has become a hotspot for sexual liaisons and voyeurism.

Chairwoman, Pat Ruane, told the Stockport Express, “This is very upsetting for a lot of people and is a big problem, the situation is already so bad that people stay away from that area because they are afraid of what they will find, but people should be able to walk around without feeling afraid.

“Sadly, there is this minority group who are threatening people’s basic human rights and we will fight to the hilt so people can walk round in safety.”

She added, “It’s occurring almost every night, sometimes in the afternoons too, but the concern now is that although its mainly happening in the dark, the lighter nights and warmer weather could see it escalating.”

Area inspector Norman Lawrence confirmed there have been reports but so far there has been no evidence of this behaviour, he said: “It is a concern for us if the park becomes known for that sort of act as it will inevitably attract people that are undesirable to the area.”

“When an area does get a reputation like that, it can cause us all kinds of problems so we are determined to squash any rumours.”