Transsexual tattoo removal causes dispute

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A transsexual has been criticised for wasting taxpayer’s money after being approved NHS treatment for the removal of her tattoos.

Cancer sufferer, Claire McDonnel, 33, slammed Tanya Bainbridge, who will receive the £2,500 procedure, while she has been refused the “wonder drug” Herceptin by her Primary Care Trust (PCT.)

Ms Bainbridge, 57, formerly Brian, had a £20,000 sex change on the NHS in 2001, and now wants to remove the tattoos so she can wear sleeveless tops.

Ms McDonnell told the Ananova news agency that the same amount would cover the initial treatment of Herceptin, which was deemed too expensive by her Wokingham PCT.

She said: “That money could pay for my breast cancer treatment.”

The laser tattoo removal will be funded by the NHS in Manchester, Ms Bainbridge, who lives with her boyfriend Mark, said: “This is essential for my wellbeing.”

She got the tattoos of a ship and a swallow when she was in the Merchant Navy, they include the names of some of her nine estranged children.

Her partner, Mark, told the BBC, “People are probably against it but it has been really upsetting her just lately. It will make her more comfortable.”

The NHS has reportedly agreed to the cosmetic surgery because the tattoos are making her depressed.