Anti gay church slams poet

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Ireland is a “land of sodomite dandies,” according to a US church which has attacked a local poet for criticising it.

Fred Phelps, the leader of Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church, reacted to a poem written by Irish poet, Desmond Egan called Understanding God Took Quickly in Topeka.

It claims the church, which runs, has a “flea philosophy” and condemns the church for celebrating the deaths of gay soldiers.

Mr Phelps told the Irish Independent, “The Bible says that the only thing worse than a fag is a fag enabler.

“He is pushing the fag agenda in his poems and he is on his way to hell.”

Mr Egan is married with children, but Mr Phelps called him a “a fag in denial.”

Ireland is a land of sodomite dandies since it joined the EU, although it is not quite as bad as Sweden yet,” Mr Phelps added.

Mr Egan defended the poem, he said: “They have posters that say things like ‘God laughs when a gay dies’. It’s really awful stuff.”