Spain grants transsexuals new identities

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Transsexuals in Spain will be allowed to change identity documents without undergoing sex change operations, according to reports.

The law is expected to be produced this summer and will allow a man to undertake a woman’s identity and vice versa if they can live as the opposite sex for 18 months and be approved be a psychiatrist.

The move by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s government, is being welcomed by transsexuals and activists.

It comes just a year after Spain introduced gay marriages for same sex couples.

Although it will not apply to social security , the law will avoid problems transsexuals usually encounter with identity documents.

Meanwhile the Spanish Province of Malaga has had one of its first case of domestic violence in a gay marriage this week.

Police patrolling the island saw a fight between the lesbian couple, who were one of the first to marry on the Island, and intervened after one of the women had fallen to the floor and was being kicked, officials claim.

However, the victim has decided not to press charges, claiming her partner is depressed.

In July 2005, Spain became the third country to legalise same sex marriage, after the Netherlands and Belgium.