Rabbi arranges “modesty” parade against Jerusalem Gay Pride

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An orthodox rabbi in Israel is arranging a “modesty parade” to counter Jerusalem’s World Pride event this summer.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak has arranged the event for two days before the gay parade on August 11 2006, organised by Shofar, an orthodox group promoting a “return to religion.”

It will celebrate 20 years of the group, the website states, “Two days before the date on which the vile souls are planning their World ‘March of Abomination,’ thousands of Jews whose souls have been saved and have chosen God’s path will hold a ‘Modesty march’ of incredible proportions.

“Its very occurrence will denunciate the abomination and defilement, will vomit out its participants from among us and will set fire to their infection. Thousands of Jews from Israel and the world, to whom the purity and sanctity of Jerusalem is important, will demonstrate the extraordinariness of the way of the Torah chosen by thousands.”

In another protest against the parade, a councillor for the National Religious Party has filed a petition to Israel’s High Court of Justice calling for the march to be cancelled as it “harms the city’s unique Jewish character.”

This comes after anti Israel groups demanded the UK gay community boycott the event, the UK Coordinator of World Pride, told PinkNews.co.uk: “World Pride is disappointed to learn of this call to boycott the event in Jerusalem, when it is a event that is dedicated to being as inclusive as possible.

“World Pride 2006 is a call for freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to be different, and tolerance. It seeks to embrace diversity, and is adamant that it will address and raise awareness of all forms of discrimination and injustice.

“We hope other will see their own specific struggles reflected in the struggle of LGBT people around the world and come and participate in this rallying cry for peace.”