Washington rejects gay marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Washington has rejected arguments for same sex marriage.

The state’s Supreme Court upheld the Defence of Marriage Act by a 5-4 vote today, arguing that it “preserves the institution of marriage and the healthy families and children it promotes.”

The ruling comes 16 months after a case involving 19 gay lesbian couples challenging the Washington’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) came under consideration by the Supreme Court, claiming that the Defence of Marriage Act, limiting marriage to only between a man and a women violates Washington State’s constitution.

But the court argued that discrimination laws do not entitle same sex couples to marriage and the ban is therefore not unconstitutional.

It added that no court could overturn the Act, leaving the only chance of a gay marriage law in the hands of the Senate or House of Representatives.

The State of New York recently ruled against gay marriages.

Massachusetts remains the only US state to allow same sex marriage.