Ofcom slaps C4’s wrist over Elton’s teatime cursing

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Television regulator Ofcom has criticised Channel 4 over an episode of the Paul O’Grady show in which Elton John used the word “wanker.”

MediaGuardian reports that the regulator regarded the use of the curse word as unfortunate.

Although the term is regarded as mild, a large part of O’Grady’s audience are older people, and therefore more likely to be offended by its use.

The Paul O’Grady show has been a massive success for Channel 4, who poached the gay performer from ITV.

Despite a heart scare earlier in the year, the former drag artiste will return for a new series in September.

ITV have lined up Sharon Osbourne with her own talkshow format to go head-to-head with O’Grady this autumn.

During the O’Grady show on the 9th May, Elton John discussed his birth name of Reginald Dwight. He said it was the name of a banker, or possibly wanker.

O’Grady made an on-air apology to viewers for his guest’s profanity.

No further action will be taken against Channel 4, who said the importance of appropriate language had been raised with the Paul O’Grady show production team.