Badgering for LGF

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The Apprentice finalist Ruth Badger will be helping out with the Lesbian Gay Foundation (LGF) at the forthcoming Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend, August 26-28.

Ms Badger has apparently been putting her entrepreneurial skills to the test by helping out to organise and develop the LGF’s campaign for the weekend which is aimed at people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

“What we want to do with this campaign is to ask lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people across the North West, ‘What is your potential?'” the TV star claims.

“For many LGBT people there are still many perceived obstacles to overcome. Homophobia, prejudice, and lack of support from friends, family or work colleagues, or low self-esteem because of insecurities over our sexual orientation are all issues LGB people still face today.”

But this is where the LGF can provide support for people Ms Badger claims, and provide advice on how to improve their situation.

“By using this campaign to promote the LGF’s services we can hopefully empower our community to have faith in their own potential and realise that there is only one person stopping you from being who you want to be – and that’s you!”

Molly Dunn, the LGF’s Therapeutic Services Manager agrees, “there is a common assumption that counselling for LGB people is simply about helping people ‘come out’ or explore other issues around their sexuality.”

“These topics do come up regularly, but as with everyone else – we seek counselling around a whole host of issues. As such the LGF’s counselling services are there for discussing all areas of our lives as LGB people.”

Paul Martin, Chief Executive of the LGF, said “It’s fantastic of Ruth to support this initiative.”

He added that ms Badger is “someone who clearly is an inspiration to many for her entrepreneurial skills and dynamic personality, she totally understands the idea behind the campaign and supports it wholeheartedly.”

The LGF is hoping to attract people throughout the weekend to speak to them about the service they can offer in helping members of the LGBT community through their Therapeutic Services such as Face 2 Face counselling.