Rabbi ‘cures’ lesbians with sand

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An Israeli rabbi swears by a novel way of getting lesbians to return to their husbands, special sand that will have the estranged wife running back.

The unnamed rabbi swore that his “special sand” would bring the wife of a local man in Bnei Brak, Isreal, back to him, with the sand lifting the curse that his wife was under.

According to ynetnews the husband, went to see his rabbi complaining that his wife was divorcing him for her lesbian lover.

The rabbi informed him that to lift the curse he would need to put “special sand” on the doorstep of the lovers home.

The wife was meant to return to him by stepping on the sand.

After putting the sand on the door step the couples’ 18 year old son, dispatched to carry out the sorcery sting operation, came undone when he decided to set fire to the laundry of his mother’s lover.

On doing so he found himself unable to control the fire.

In his escape from the inferno his car number plate was spotted by the lover, who rang the police.

The local police, after arresting and questioning the father and son, released them, apparently forgetting the charges of attempted assault and arson that hang over them both.

Ynetnews reports that the police let the father and son go after hearing their desperate tale, advising the husband that there are better ways to woo is wife back to him.

PinkNews.co.uk reporter Nikki Sinclair, a lesbian who was previously married, cast doubts over whether “special sand” would send her back to her ex-husband, she said: “I’ve heard some crazy notions in my time but I think this is the strangest.

“He has nothing to base this on, I think he needs to be committed.”

However, Michael, an Orthodox Jew from San Francisco, swears by the idea, he writes on the site’s message board, “I don’t know about the particulars, but my story is very similar. My wife ran off with my ex-best friend back in 2003. At that time, as a result of my three tragedies {1 – my brother dying in WTC tower #1 on 9/11, 2 – losing my job during internet bubble bursting, 3 – divorcing wife of 10 years}, I returned to Judaism, and Orthodoxy.

“They lived about 30 minutes from my house for about 1 year. I went to their apartment and sprinkled dust on their doormat. Lo and behold, 3 years later she calls me and wants to re-marry me.

“Don’t scoff at the rabbis, sometimes their wisdom is greater than your secular scientific BS.”