Who will be Mr Gay USA?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

With the Miss World finals taking place in Poland on the 30th September, you might think that that would be enough slightly politically incorrect high camp for one week. But you would be wrong.

Competition in “Mr World” is hotting up as the USA competes to find the “boy next door” to challenge other “Mr Gay’s” from around the World. The preliminary rounds are over and soon we will know who will join the other contenders in what will surely be a gripping final.

Who ever he may be, Mr Gay USA will find the competition stiff.

Mr Gay Germany is hotly tipped, and Mr Gay Iran will be turning a few heads – and not only for being Mr Gay Iran. There’s even a Mr Gay Vatican City – pundits are wondering whether religious intervention might just swing the odds.

Luckily there are mere moments to wait until the grand final itself, which will be held on October 27 -28th at the Convention Centre in Palm Springs California. Hollywood Squares star Bruce Vilance is hosting, and since he’s written shows such as the Oscars, Tonys and Emmys he should know what he’s doing. One of the judges wrote The Hollywood diet, one presents Good Morning America and one is a gossip columnist, so again, that all seems to be as it should be. Rumours that a special pervy-man-with-long-hair-and-a-beard judge will be appointed due to the demands of tradition, are rife.

Here’s what producer Don Spradlin had to say:

“The International Competition for Mr. Gay has a mission of bringing together non-stereotypical gay from around our world to confront an often-times stereotypical bias in the mainstream press.”

And just like Miss World, being buff won’t be enough – beauty on the inside’s what’s really important. “The competitive elements designed into the finals will allow judges to observe the character values and leadership talents of our contestants,” Mr Spradlin reminds us.

Though anyone expecting mere “I’m a life saving children’s doctor and in my spare time I enjoy working with three legged orphaned kittens” innocence should heed the words of the delightfully named director of last year’s event, Dirk Shafer; “Believe me, this is not going to be your sister’s beauty pageant.”