BNP join gay animal debate

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The British National Party (BNP) know a bandwagon when they see one, and they have been quick to jump onto the political correctness debate regarding Conservative councillor David Clutterbuck’s comments about gay animals on Noah’s Ark.

Their valuable input can be found on their website, but not wanting to miss the internet traffic bandwagon, has featured it here

Mr Clutterbuck, a 72-year old Conservative councillor at Bournemouth Borough Council infuriated local political opponents this week after replying to an email about the bureaucracy that the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark would encounter nowadays.

He said, “I imagine now it would be illegal to only have animals of the opposite sex!”

The email accidentally reached all council staff and officials at the Liberal Democrat run council failed to see the funny side and suggested Mr Clutterbuck undergo equality training.

The BNP explains the drama like so, “For some time now the ecclesiastical establishment’s motley assemblage of paedophile priests and buggering bishops have maintained that same sex relationships are as equally valid before God as are heterosexual ones – largely we suspect for reasons of self interest.

“However the Old Testament story of Noah would suggest that this is a stance not altogether shared by God. After all, God did not send out Noah and his sons to gather into the Ark any two of each species encountered regardless of gender – the instructions were specifically for one of each sex! All the rest – regardless of gender persuasion were, we assume, abandoned to drown in the ensuing genocidal flood – hardy an endorsement of same sex relationships we fear!

“So was Noah a homophobe or was God to blame? Will either Noah or God be investigated by the CRE and subsequently persecuted by Labour’s CPS for these seemingly serious breaches of the Human Rights Act and Equality legislation?

“Either way we here at the BNP’s Regional Voices wonder why Cllr Clutterbuck is wasting his time as a member of the sopping wet Tories – the party of betrayal that sold its’ soul to multiculturalism and political correctness decades ago – when he has another political home to go to!” Comment

Regardless of whether or not this joke was funny, the fact is that Mr Clutterbuck behaved unprofessionally for a man in public office.

This is not about political correctness, I am sure many gays and lesbians found it funny, but it is not as humorous for residents in Bournemouth who pay their taxes and do not expect their councillors to be spending time sending trivial emails to each other.

Mr Clutterbuck behaved unprofessionally along with every other respondent to the email by getting involved.