Disney characters taking the Mickey

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Disney bosses are reported to be outraged after a video showing characters pretending to be having an orgy was circulated on the internet.

The footage featuring Goofy simulating intimate clinches with the Chipmunks and Mickey Mouse getting intimate with the Snowman, was taken at Disneyland Paris and would definitely not be suitable for kids.

It also shows the characters pretending to sexually harass Minnie Mouse with a voiceover stating, “Disneyland backstage, it’s hot.”

A source told The Sun newspaper, “It’s Disney characters as you’ve never seen them before. Goofy grabs Minnie’s boobs but the highlight has to be Mickey’s gay romp.”

The film was taken minutes before the characters went out to entertain children and their families.

A Disney spokeswoman apologised for causing any offence, “We are aware of the video that was taken in an area not accessible to guests at Disneyland Resort Paris.

“We regret any offence it might cause. Action has been taken to prevent this happening again.”

Whether this means neutering the animals is unclear.

See the video by clicking here