Lesbian use of IVF increasing

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The last five years have seen a 2.5 fold increase in numbers of single women having IVF and a 4 fold increase in lesbian couples having IVF, the UK’s fertility regulator has revealed.

Single women and lesbian couples across the UK are being urged to make their voice heard on the fertility services they receive by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority – the UK’s Fertility regulator – as new figures showing that a growing number of these women are coming forward for fertility treatment.

The HFEA’s role is to ensure that the fertility services people receive are safe and appropriate for them. The group now wants to hear its users views, Vishnee Sauntoo, of the HFEA’s Equality and Diversity working group, explained: “We are concerned to make sure that people undergoing fertility treatment receive services that are safe, appropriate and sensitive to their needs. One of the most important ways we can do this is to listen to the people who have been through fertility treatment or are starting to think about it.

“UK fertility law does not rule out any groups from having fertility treatment and we have seen a growing number of single women and lesbian couples receiving treatment in the country’s fertility clinics.

She is encouraging people to share their experiences so they can improve the service.