Get tickled pink …with Pink!

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What is fun, fresh and bubbly? You, of course! Which means you are going to love Pink by Yellowglen, the new sparkling rosé wine from Australia. has grabbed a couple of crates of the stuff and we’re going to give them away to two of our newsletter readers.

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Pink is a lively, refreshing sparkling wine with a distinctive light pink colour. The blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz grapes sourced from vineyards in South-Eastern Australia leave a delicate drop of berry in your mouth.

Pink’s distinctive pinot noir aromas develop into delicious strawberry fruit flavours with a hint of lemon and lime, whilst the ripe chardonnay flavours provide the backbone to this delightful wine. Served chilled straight from your fridge, it’s these refreshing fruit characters that make Pink a true taste sensation.

Personally, we at the office thought it was fab!