Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights

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Straight Americans will be making a stand for gay rights next month by holding candlelit vigils to show public support of the LGBT community.

Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights takes place from 7-13 October and is the first event of its kind.

The event is hosted by gay-friendly members of each participating state. Jeaneane Hill is hosting Seattle’s vigil.

“As a straight parent with a gay son, I support equal rights for my lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender neighbours.

My husband, Bob, joined me in the struggle for equality until he passed away last year.

I feel honoured to lead the Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights vigil in Washington, and I’ll do so in memory of Bob, in honour of our son, Troy, and for all LGBT people who so desperately need straight Americans to speak out loudly for equality.”

The event aims to utilise the voices of the silent supporters of the LGBT community while visually demonstrating the size of America’s gay-friendly network.

Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights has been organised by Soulforce, a LGBT rights organisation which focuses on religious intolerance, and straight supporters for gay rights group Atticus Circle.