Brady Bunch star denies on-set lesbian relationship

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Former Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick’s upcoming autobiography will dish plenty of dirt, her publisher promises, but it won’t reveal the child star’s supposed sexual dalliances with co-star Eve Plumb.

Late last week the Internet buzzed with the news, first reported in the National Enquirer, that McCormick, who played eldest daughter Marcia Brady on the popular 1970s television show, would reveal in the forthcoming tell-all that she and co-star Plumb experienced on-set “lesbian experiences.”

Now Debbie Styer, senior vice president of group publicity at William Morrow, the book’s publisher, denied those rumours.

“We are verifying that it is not true,” Ms Styer told ABC News.

“The real story of what happened in [McCormick’s] life and behind the scenes of the show will all come out when the book comes out.”

That’s not to say the book, tentatively titled Here’s The Story, won’t include plenty of juicy details about McCormick’s early life as a child star and especially about her experiences on the set of The Brady Bunch.

According to an early press release about the autobiography, expected to hit store shelves in 2008, McCormick will cover ground “unfamiliar to the legions of fans who know her as the ‘perfect’ Marcia Brady, including the many pitfalls and hazards she encountered.”

“I’ve learned that overcoming my demons and weathering the tumultuous storms of my life is a process,” McCormick added in the release.

“I have come to terms with the fact that though I may never completely win this battle, I will never lose. I have arrived, for the moment at least, in a solid and secure place, which is allowing me to visit my past without fear.

“Writing this book has been such a cathartic experience,” she said.

“I hope it will not only shed light on who I am and how I got here, but more importantly, remind the readers that there truly is a light at the end of any tunnel.”

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