Who gets your vote for Mayor of London?

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PinkNews.co.uk is inviting readers to take part in an exclusive poll to find out which candidates for Mayor of London are most popular with the gay community.

The campaign so far has been exciting, with the three main party candidates scoring acres of press coverage and considerable TV exposure.

Londoners will go to the polls on May 1st.

Incumbent Ken Livingstone is running as the Labour candidate.

Henley MP Boris Johnson is the Conservative party hopeful, while former Met police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick is standing for the Liberal Democrats.

There are many other candidates putting themselves forward too.

Sian Berry is hoping for a good results as the Green candidate, Gerard Batten MEP is standing for the UK Independence party, Lindsey German is the Respect candidate and the Christian People’s Alliance have high hopes for Alan Craig.

Only readers who live in London are eligible to ‘vote’ in the PinkNews.co.uk poll.

We are also asking for second preference votes, as the Mayor of London is elected using the Single Transferable Vote system.

In a close race, those second preferences will decide who will be Mayor.

Elections for the 25-member London Assembly will also take place on May 1st.

To take part in the poll click here.