EastEnders: Jim’s homecoming upsets Dot

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Emotions are running high in the Branning household this week as ailing OAP Jim Branning makes a dramatic return home after more than a year away. Since suffering a stroke last summer the frail pensioner has been resting up in a nursing home after Dot decided she couldn’t cope with him by herself. Although he has made a good recovery the stroke has robbed him of his speech and he is confined to a wheelchair.

Will Dot ever forgive herself for sending her husband to a nursing home?

Jim’s homecoming is meant to be a quiet affair but Bradley and Stacey have other ideas and secretly organise a huge welcome home bash for him. Meanwhile Max is in two minds about whether to go to his dad’s surprise party or not as the two aren’t exactly best friends. However, when he does finally decide to go Jim reacts so violently that Max is left with no choice but to leave. Will Jim and Max ever be reunited?

Meanwhile Dot is overcome with emotion at seeing her husband again and begins to feel intense guilt for sending him away to a nursing home. She breaks down in tears and Jim motions for her to lean on him. The two sit together until its time for Jim to go back again, but Dot vows that she will bring him home soon. Has Jim truly forgiven Dot for sending him away?

Back at the Mitchell’s, Peggy is not having a good week. First of all Archie asks her if she is hell bent on a spring wedding, leaving Peggy wondering if he is about to call things off. Then he tells her to try a different hairstyle at the Salon adding further fuel to her fire of already burning paranoia that he has lost interest in her. Poor old Peggy. It is just not her week.

Meanwhile, warring siblings Ronnie and Roxy are still at each other’s throats, this time over Peggy and Archie’s wedding. Ronnie tries to convince her sister that their dad is making a mug out of Peggy but Roxy fiercely defends her dad. The question is: which of the sisters is right about their dodgy dad?

Later, sick of Ronnie’s negative comments about the wedding, Peggy throws Ronnie out and tells her she is no longer welcome at the Vic. Angered, Ronnie approaches Roxy about the possibility of her, Sean and Ronnie sharing a flat together. What is Ronnie thinking? One minute she wants to kill psycho Sean, now she wants to live with the man!

Elsewhere there’s heartache in store for Bianca and her kids as down-trodden dog Wellard goes missing. Bianca pulls a sickie to try to find the loveable fur ball, much to Ian’s disgust when he catches her traipsing about the square looking for the dog. Unfortunately you might need to have your tissues at the ready as when they do find Wellard it is obvious he’s not well. So Bianca has to take him to the vets but the prognosis is not good. Is the curtain about to fall on Walford’s best loved hound?
EastEnders: Jim’s homecoming upsets Dot