Hollyoaks: Tina tells Jacqui that she wants to keep baby Max

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Jacqui is enjoying being a mum to baby Max. But in true soapland drama style, her parenting bliss is about to be short lived.

Tina breaks it to Jacqui that she wants to keep Max. And if that’s not bad enough news for her, Jacqui also finds out that Tina has been secretly breastfeeding Max. Jacqui is furious with her sister.

Tony thinks handing Max over to Tina is the right thing to do. Of course, this opinion doesn’t go down too well with Jacqui. She proves how upset she is by packing her bags and heading home to the McQueens’.

Later in the week, Tony is seriously pining for Jacqui but she’s busy making life hell for everyone in her family, especially Tina. Will this terrible situation ever right itself?

Calvin is not having a good week either. He’s still haunted by awful memories of killing Nige. He’s stunned when Warren tells him that they have to get rid of any evidence as soon as possible.

A few days later, Warren wants to bury the body. Calvin can’t bring himself to do it and tries to avoid Warren at all costs.

Calvin’s wife-to-be, however, is full of the joys of their impending marriage. But Mandy is regretting ever letting her use Evissa as a base for the wedding preparations. That is, until it gives her a great idea. Why not start up a wedding planning business?

As Mandy puts the wheels in motion for her new business venture, she drags Louise in to help out. Carmel is still giddy at the thought that she’s about to marry her man. If only she really knew what he’d been up to lately.

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Justin is feeling guilty about letting Leila take the blame in the jewellery fiasco and attempts to apologise to her. But when she returns from her night in the cells, Ste is far more interesting in knowing where the stolen jewellery is now.

Kris and Zoë are at loggerheads over the future of the student TV channel. Steph sticks her beak in and calls them amateurs. Taking the bait, Kris offers her the chance to appear on the channel. Of course, she jumps at the chance to take on the role of weather reporter.

This is celebrity wannabe Steph we’re talking about after all.

Amy and Josh plan a day together and it looks like it’s going to be just like old times. But then an over-enthusiastic Michaela joins them and puts a slight dampener on things. It is just like old times then!

Amy soon has other things on her mind though. She’s due to get her GCSE exam results this week. With all that she’s been through this year, will she make the grade?
Hollyoaks: Tina tells Jacqui that she wants to keep baby Max