Emmerdale: Val finds herself with an unwelcome new best friend

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Val’s doing her best to get Pollard to forgive her. But she has to deal with a setback when her holiday chum, Bonnie, turns up.

Bonnie declares that Val didn’t tell her that she was married. Pollard’s ears prick up at this statement and he’s soon plying Bonnie with drinks in order to find out exactly what Val got up to on her hols. If that’s not bad enough, Pollard then invites Bonnie to stay with them. Val is terrified that she might have had an affair on holiday and now that Bonnie’s turned up the truth could all come out. How can she get rid of this unwelcome guest?

Val does her best to send Bonnie packing but to no avail. Her efforts are soon thwarted when Bonnie points out that the “Derek” of Val’s tattoo was actually a barman they met on holiday. She wastes no time in trying to calm Val by telling her not to worry and that it will just be their little secret. This doesn’t quite have the soothing effect on Val that’s intended.

Another all-day drinking session ensues for Val and Bonnie and when Pollard’s had quite enough of their tipsy antics they find themselves crashing at Paul’s for the night. When Bonnie falls into an alcohol-addled sleep, Val is horrified to spot that she has a tattoo too. But Bonnie’s is dedicated to their holiday. Does Val have a creepy stalker?

Marlon does his best to cheer Donna up this week, but she only feels worse. She’s really upset that Ross doesn’t support her actions over Viv. She’s so beside herself that she can only find one conclusion – she’s going to leave the police force. Can Donna really give up her career?

Anna is not happy to find out that she’s stuck in a bidding war with Carl over Mill Cottage. Carl tries to raise more cash to outbid Anna by asking Jimmy to buy him out of the family business. He’s gobsmacked when he finds out that King & Sons’ is in serious financial dire straits and so there won’t be any extra funding from there.

Desperate to get his mitts on Mill Cottage, Carl complains to Donald about Anna. Donald tries to contact his daughter straight away but is thoroughly annoyed to find out that she’s out on a date with Matthew. Furious, Donald hands Carl the cash to win the cottage. What on earth will Anna say when she finds out what her dad’s done?

Elsewhere in the dales, Doug is looking forward to Hilary’s return. He reckons that absence has made his heart grow fonder and he’s gearing up for a very romantic reunion with his wife. But he’s about to get some news that’s going to be like an icy bucket of water over his head.

Katie returns to the dales and is relieved to hear that Gray has departed. But her happiness is short lived. She soon finds out that he’s taken his revenge on her by emptying the stables. Will she be able to save her business?

Things seem to be calming down for Andy and Jo this week. She’s pleasantly surprised when he leaves Sarah with Debbie so that they can spend the day together. But just as we see a glimmer of nice-guy Andy, it’s soon replace by the wife-beating brute he really is. But when tempers flare this time, things are different – Jo stands up to her husband. Will this signal the end of their turbulent relationship?
Emmerdale: Val finds herself with an unwelcome new best friend