EastEnders: Bradley and Stacey call it quits

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Bradley and Stacey decide to call time on their brief and turbulent marriage this week after Stacey final admits that she doesn’t feel the same way anymore. We all know it’s because she fancies Callum and it seems Bradley realises this too, he even gallantly suggests that she follow her heart. How sweet!

However, it soon becomes clear his display of bravery is just a façade. The minute Stacey is out of view he storms over to Max’s place and knocks his dad flying with one swift right hook. He tells a shocked Max that his failed relationship with Stacey is his dad’s fault and that he wishes he was dead! Don’t hold back Bradley say what you really think now.

Elsewhere, disturbed child molester Tony has lost interest in Whitney after realising that she has grown up too much while he was locked in prison. She’s now more of a young woman than a little girl. Whitney is distraught, as Tony has groomed her to think of him as her boyfriend and she doesn’t understand why he no longer loves her.

Tony decides to leave the square as he only came back for Whitney and she no longer appeals to him, that’s until Lauren comes to the door to speak to Whitney. He is immediately attracted to the underage teen and decides to stay in Walford after all. It soon becomes clear that he has spotted his next victim. Will Tony be able to manipulate Lauren like he did Whitney?

Troubled teen Whitney receives a further blow later in the week when Tony agrees to marry Bianca. But when Whitney locks herself in her room and refuses to get involved with the wedding plans Bianca becomes suspicious. Tony is worried that Whitney will tell her what has been going on between them. Is Bianca about to uncover Tony’s disturbing secret?

Over at the Truman’s, Yolande is struggling to concentrate on her singing practise for her solo in the church service. All she can think about is her meeting with the Minute Mart bosses the next day. However, she needn’t have worried as they offer her a position at their head office in Birmingham. Is Walford about to wave goodbye to Yolande and Patrick?

As you would expect, Yolande is over the moon. Patrick is devastated as he doesn’t want to leave the square. He finds it difficult to burst Yolande’s bubble so he tells her that he is fine to move to Birmingham. Will Patrick reveal how he really feels before it is too late?

Meanwhile, Ronnie is feeling hesitant about going to a school reunion because her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child will be there. Eventually Christian insists on going with her for moral support. However, her worry was in vain as Joel, her ex, isn’t there. But all is not lost as Joel’s best friend Lee turns up at the reunion and soon gets chatting to Christian. Could Christian have found a potential new boyfriend?
EastEnders: Bradley and Stacey call it quits