Coronation Street: Tony suspects Liam and Carla’s affair

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The world’s longest running love square – otherwise known as Liam, Maria, Carla and Tony – arrive back from what we can only describe as the most uncomfortable holiday experience ever. But despite Tony’s disconcerting chat with Liam in the cave, Liam still can’t keep his eyes or his hands off Tony’s glamorous missus. You’d think these two would have learned by now, but it seems Liam and Carla just can’t keep away from each other. This isn’t very convenient really, considering Liam has just been made Tony’s best man. Oh dear.

Not surprisingly, Liam struggles a bit with his best man speech this week, until Tom agrees to help him out with it. Then to top it all, Maria insists on treating Liam like a human baby-making machine and tells him they need to spend the night trying for a baby. However, she is most put out when her husband fails to perform marital duties and so he ends up spending the night on the sofa.

Later in the week, Liam sees Carla being fitted for her wedding dress and is so blown away by her beauty that they end up in yet another passionate clinch in the bedroom. However, when Michelle tells Tony that Liam commented on how good Carla looked in her wedding dress Tony immediately gets suspicious and rushes over to the flat expecting to catch them in the act. Will Liam and Carla’s sordid secret finally come out?

Elsewhere, Becky is in for a shock when Jason tells her that he is giving it another go with his ex, Sarah. Completely distraught by Jason’s betrayal, Becky downs a copious amount of alcohol and heads off to the Rovers to start her shift. When Jason turns up she goes ballistic and lunges for him across the bar. Michelle isn’t happy and tells her to go home and sober up, but instead Becky decides to go on a drinking binge and manages to trash some police cars, flash her boobs, steal a purse and vandalise Jason’s van before being escorted to the café by a very worried Steve. What will Roy have to say about her outrageous escapade?

Things are not looking good for Becky when the police turn up to arrest her in connection with a series of events that happened on Monday night. To make matters worse the policeman in question is none other than her old adversary, DC Hooch. Anxious to get herself off the hook and wipe the smile from Hooch’s face, Becky tells him that she has an alibi as she has been having an affair with a married man and was with him all night.

What will Steve say when he finds out what Becky has told the police?

Meanwhile, Fiz is stunned when she hears that John has had an accident in his cab and has been rushed to hospital. Lloyd runs her to the hospital and she ends up having a heart-to-heart with a very bruised and battered John. She realises that she still has feelings for him and asks him if he would like to give their relationship another go. John is over the moon and doesn’t take much persuading.
Coronation Street: Tony suspects Liam and Carla’s affair