EastEnders: Tony turns nasty with Whitney

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After weeks of watching disturbed jailbird Tony manipulate and control underage schoolgirl Whitney, their tense relationship finally comes to a head this week. Whitney struggles to cope with his callous behaviour towards her. Will she finally realise what he’s been doing is wrong and tell Bianca?

The troubled teen tells Tony how much she needs and wants him but he spurns her advances in a cold and calculating fashion. He tells her that she has ruined things for them with her bad behaviour. Distraught over Tony’s rejection, Whitney locks herself in the house and throws all Bianca’s clothes out into Pat’s garden.

Unable to get into the house, Bianca shouts up at Whitney’s bedroom window, just as Dr Merritt walks by. Bianca enlists his help and reluctantly Whitney allows him to come up to her room to talk to her. Will Whitney spill the beans about what is really upsetting her?

Just as the troubled teenager is about to open up, Tony arrives home and immediately sends Tiffany up to Whitney’s room to disrupt her chat with the doctor.

Terrified that his disturbing behaviour is about to come to light at any moment, Tony becomes aggressive towards Whitney and scares her into keeping her mouth shut. He tells Bianca that he will take Whitney to see a psychiatrist. On the way there it soon becomes apparent that he has no intention of taking her where he said. Using an aggressive amount of force, he makes her to sit down. In a threatening manner, Tony tells Whitney that she is going nowhere until she learns to behave. Will Whitney ever find the courage to break away from Tony’s control?

Back at the Vic, there is more manipulating going on as Archie continues to undermine Peggy’s self-confidence. Not content just to dictate what she wears, Archie now says that she is not allowed to make sandwiches for Pat’s memorial for Frank. Peggy reluctantly gives in to him but privately it looks like she might be starting to doubt her relationship with domineering Archie.

Peggy’s gut instinct could well be right, as the sly old fox Archie starts to flirt with Phil’s bit of fluff Suzy. She laps up the attention even though Archie is old enough to be her father and she’s bowled over when he treats her to the Mink coat that Phil refused to buy for her. Will their romantic frisson turn into more than a flirty kiss and a cuddle?

Things get even more complicated when Danielle sees Archie and Suzy in a saucy clinch and immediately goes to tell Ronnie. Not one to let things lie, Ronnie tells her dad in no uncertain terms to leave Walford or she will tell Peggy about what he’s been up to with Suzy. Will Archie pack his bags or call Ronnie’s bluff?

Meanwhile, it looks like Christian might have bagged himself a new boyfriend. There only one problem, his new bloke seems a bit too clingy for Christian’s liking. Unsure of how to progress with the relationship, Christian invites Jane and Roxy over to vet his new catch. The evening ends in disaster when the new boyfriend tells them all that Christian is a bit too old for his tastes. Needless to say, the girls soon tell him to sling his hook!
EastEnders: Tony turns nasty with Whitney