Emmerdale: Andy suffers a nasty accident as Jo flees from his abuse

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As the week kicks off in the dales, Jo apologises to Victoria for getting her involved in her troubles. But when Jo also tries to confide in Diane she soon gets a firm warning from Andy to stay quiet.

But Jo’s not keeping quiet – she confesses to Debbie that Andy’s been hitting her. Jo tells Debbie that she’s made up her mind to leave her violent husband and she advises her to take Sarah away from him too. Katie manages to overhear this conversation and soon becomes suspicious. She then tells Andy exactly what she’s heard and she questions whether Jo is in fact pregnant. As you can imagine, Andy is not best pleased.

Later, Andy tries to make Jo take a pregnancy test in front of him and she starts to cry. Andy just assumes that her binge-drinking has made her lose the baby. It doesn’t take Jo long to admit that there never was a baby in the first place. When Andy realises that his wife lied because she was scared of his violent temper, he feels terrible. He begs her for forgiveness. But will this reconciliation last?

Of course not. It’s not long before Jo realises that Andy will never change and so she packs her bags and tries to leave. Andy chases her and Jo panics and runs into the barn. Andy traps his wife inside the barn. As Jo tries to escape, Andy slips and spears his shoulder with a spike. He begs Jo for help. Will she help him or will she take her chance to get away from her abusive husband once and for all?

Elsewhere in the dales, Anna makes a sneaky phone call. It’s not long before Tim arrives and tells Katie and Matthew that he wants to expand his business into Home Farm. But he insists that security on the farm must be upped if he is to do so. Thinking that this is too good an opportunity to pass up, Matthew agrees. He needs to act fast so he decides he’ll tell Carl about it later. What will Carl say when he finds out?

On the way home from the meeting, Matthew kisses Anna. It seems she has him just where she wants him. Does Matthew realise that he’s being completely controlled by Anna?

Jasmine is convinced that she has a scoop that will be the making of her career. She’s encouraged by the story about Danielle and asks Shane for more information on drug crime. Shane agrees to help her, but only over a drink. Jasmine’s aware that his intentions aren’t strictly honourable, but she feels his input would be essential for her story. She reluctantly agrees to go for a drink. What will Jake say when Jasmine has to cancel their date so that she can meet up with Shane?

Bob returns from his hols this week and is keen for life to get as back to normal as soon as possible. But it’s obvious that he’s missing Viv and he’s soon taking out his frustration on everyone near. When Betty tells him that Louise and Jamie have set a date for the wedding, Bob is adamant that they will have to wait until Viv is released from prison. Will the loved-up couple agree?

Later in the week, Bob is missing Viv so much that he hatches plans to try to see her. Will his scheming work and will he manage to get into the prison to speak to Viv?

Lily thinks that all of her Christmases have come at once when the factory raffle syndicate wins a car worth £15,000. That works out at £3,000 each. Could that be enough to solve all of Peter’s financial woes? Well, no it’s not actually. But if Lily doesn’t divide up the prize between her friends and simply gives Peter the winning raffle ticket worth £15,000, it will be enough. Lily wouldn’t betray her friends like that though, would she?
Emmerdale: Andy suffers a nasty accident as Jo flees from his abuse